A brown, curly-haired dog with expressive eyes against a black background, with the text "creating beautiful unique images to last a lifetime" overlayed.

An Image on your Wall Lifts your Spirits, Brightens up a Gloomy Day, and Makes you Smile from the Minute you Wake Up!

Woman smiling with a dog on her shoulders in a modern living room, with a framed picture of her holding the same dog above a white sofa.

Your Relationship with Your Family is Unique

We want to record the true bonds that unite you. Whether you are a couple, an extended family, with or without pets, your family unit is special.

Your relationship with your pet is extraordinary.  You spend hours walking with them, grooming them, and even talking to them about your problems after a hard day. They truly are our constant companions.  But when have you ever taken the time to really record this incredible bond or wonderful character?

Don’t fear that your child or your pet may not behave or sit still.  Honestly, I’ve heard this so many times, but rest assured, even the liveliest child and the bounciest and wriggliest pet can be persuaded to pose (snacks help).  And, with professional studio lighting, I assure you, your family will look incredible.

With over 25 years of Professional portrait photography experience, an understanding of people and dogs, and being a parent and pet owner myself too, I will handle everything and create beautiful portraits that capture the character and soul of your family and pets.

These days, we all have limitless images on our phones and computers, but we seldom take time to have professional images taken that we can display in our homes and enjoy every day.

Relaxed Studio Environment

Images you are going to cherish

There are no Back-to-Back Bookings

25+ Years of Experience


But we often don’t take the time to create lasting records of that investment

A modern bedroom with a bed, a nightstand, and a framed photo of a dog on the wall. On the right, a senior woman holding a similar dog in an exquisite piece of pet photography. The warm ambiance reflects Radlett's charm and timeless family photography tradition.
A close-up of a scruffy dog with its nose in the air and tongue out against a white background.

Beautiful Art that Captures Your Personalities & Brightens your Day

There’s something so special about having professional portraits of your loved ones on your walls at home. Timeless memories that you’ve created and captured and are there to enjoy every day.

Your children and pets, whatever their age, are an integral part of your family, whether a puppy or an older dog, and taking the opportunity to record these times and create memories together is so important. Often, we put things off, then regret it when, sadly, it’s too late.

Our pets are only in our lives for a fraction of time, so it’s important to record memories that last a lifetime. My pet photography experiences are for you and your pet to enjoy together. They are fun, relaxed and an opportunity to record the special connection and relationship you share.

There’s no time limit, and all sessions last as long as it takes to record all the memories you’ll ever need. The bond that you share goes beyond words, and there are times when, honestly, only a picture will do.

Step One

Schedule a free consultation call – let’s see if we’re a great fit. We’ll discuss how the photo session works and everything you need to do to prepare and make the most of the time in the studio.

Step Two

Come to the studio, where you will have plenty of time to relax and get used to the space. Depending on who is with you, we will capture a variety of poses individually and in groups.

Step Three

Around ten days after your session, you’ll return to the studio to select your favourite images (after I’ve performed a little editing magic). Together, we will design your amazing artwork and products.

Step Four

As soon as your work is ready, we will contact you to arrange a collection, and then you will enjoy your beautiful portrait albums and wall art with your family and friends every day.

Your artwork will brighten up your mood every day, and you can start every morning with a smile and a happy memory, seeing a variety of images that capture all the characteristics of your loved ones. Professional photographs of those that you cherish and value are treasures that are priceless.

My clients often come back to me to let me know how much more valuable their  portraits have become over time.

Your house, made even more a home with artwork that fills your heart, every day

Seven adorable husky puppies sitting in a row on a gray sofa, displaying a variety of fur colors and patterns.

I’m Su, International Pet Photographer of the Year 2022, A Devoted Parent And Pet Lover Too!

The best canine photographer in the area, by far! Not my words, but the words of one of my wonderful clients (I wouldn’t dream of saying that about myself)!

It’s time to introduce myself… always awkward! But how else are we to get to know each other?

I’ve been in the business for over 25 years, I am a mum, a dog and cat owner, and a qualified primary school teacher. I also have a psychology degree, which means I’m not just a pet person; I am a people person, too! I love spending time and ensuring we capture your personalities perfectly.

I drink far too much tea, I love to travel to crazy out of the way places and I realise every day how lucky I am that I love my job.

I’ve had pets all my life, and I know how fundamental yours is to you. They are our constant companions, our best friends, and our soul mates. Combined with my genuine love for animals and people, you’re in the right place to start recording those precious memories. Rest assured, I have a wealth of experience in the profession, with many awards from prestigious photography institutions and high-ranking positions within those groups.

I hold the highest qualifications in the UK industry and awards including International Dog Photographer of the Year, BIPP Overall Photographer of the Year, BIPP Domesticated Pet Photographer of the Year, Kodak Gold Award Winner and Kodak Gold Circle Member.

A Photo of Su Kaye who has blonde hair smiles at the camera in this headshot. She is wearing a dark jacket over a white top and a necklace, set against a plain black background.

I’m a Fellow of the main photographic Associations in the UK (British Institute of Professional Photography BIPP and the Master Photographers Association MPA), a qualified and well-respected judge for both competitions and qualifications in the UK and abroad; I have chaired both panels for International Print competitions and the qualifications boards as well as being a recent Past President of the MPA.

My background was in teaching, which allows me to calmly take control of the session, allowing you to relax and enjoy the whole experience. No stress allowed!

Owning Beautiful Wall Art and Coffee Table Albums of those You Care About Most is so Simple, from Consultation to Receiving Your Final Products

Enjoy a Timeless Studio Portrait Experience for £175

Your portrait experience will include a pre-portrait consultation either on the phone or you are very welcome to visit the studio to discuss exactly what we plan to do, your portrait session lasting approximately one hour * and then a design meeting at the studio to view and choose your favourite photographs and decide on the best way to display them around your home.

* Sessions last around one hour but are never booked back to back to allow time for you and your pet to relax fully and never feel rushed.

•  Unlimited time for your experience

•  Unlimited photographs taken

•  Tea, coffee, and drinks are available

•  Design Planning Consultation

•  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

•  Bespoke wall art from £595

•  Luxury coffee table albums and beautiful print boxes from £995

A young girl in a pink dress and black tights smiles while sitting on a sofa with a beagle and a cocker spaniel, one on each side.
A woman in a dark shirt smiling gently while holding a small fluffy dog in her lap, both posing against a gray background in a black and white photo.

Let’s Talk

Choose the perfect time to create your portrait.  Book a call now to discuss what you’re looking for, how I can help and see if I’m the right fit for you.

Sadly I’ve heard so many stories about people who have left it too late to capture the professional portraits they had always hoped to have. Life gets in the way, and we don’t stop to consider the future.

Simply book a free, no-obligation consultation call and let us brainstorm some ideas together.

Dogs of various breeds sitting, viewing framed portraits of a cat and dogs displayed on a white wall in an art gallery setting.